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: November, 2012

Say no to smart phones

I’m about to jump off a cliff and get myself in trouble. Kids don’t need smart phones. There, I said it. We have computers for Internet access and a 12- or even 16-year-old doesn’t need to be able to

Let’s give thanks!

Most of us have lots to be thankful for. Most of us didn’t lose our homes or possessions in Hurricane Sandy. Most of us are healthy and still have jobs and are able to take care of ourselves and our

Please say yes, Ms. College Admissions Officer!

It has begun. Last night K clicked “Submit” on the first of her college applications. It was part relief, part terrifying. Being the editor that I am, I’m always afraid some detail was missed or some

Marking time with school pics

Have you gotten your kids’ school pictures yet? K had her all-important senior portrait taken and we already have our order. The 8×10 is framed and up on the piano, so my set is complete. Her

That radio still works?

Do you recognize the item in this picture? Most of our kids have never used a transistor radio, but this one was my family’s connection to the world and what was happening after we lost electricity

Carrying on the voting tradition

No matter the results of yesterday’s elections, I hope you voted. It’s a privilege that I’m happy is now extended to two out of three of our kids. (K missed out on this election by a couple of months,

Giving thanks for minor inconveniences

Isn’t it amazing what we take for granted? Things like a roof over our heads, electricity, working appliances and the ability to store food safely, cook it and put it on the table for our families.