Carrying on the voting tradition

No matter the results of yesterday’s elections, I hope you voted.

It’s a privilege that I’m happy is now extended to two out of three of our kids. (K missed out on this election by a couple of months, turning 18 in January). I’m happy to report that G sent in his absentee ballot from college and C went to the polls before work yesterday morning, same as me.

It’s important that our kids care enough to vote — to participate in shaping our country and making important decisions on who will lead us. We won’t always agree with them (or each other, for that matter), but that’s the beauty of living in a free country.

It’s my hope that this next generation can fix our very broken political system. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to get past the partisanship and get everybody working together. Or a way to make productive use of social media as a source of accurate and impartial information to help us make informed decisions, rather than spewing biased information as if it’s fact. Ditto for many of the cable TV “news” channels. (And this applies across the board, even those that I philosophically agree with.)

But I digress.…

It’s a great feeling to vote. And to know your kids are voting. It makes me a proud mama! I hope the rest of you feel the same, and that your kids who were eligible to vote did so.

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