Marking time with school pics

Have you gotten your kids’ school pictures yet?

K had her all-important senior portrait taken and we already have our order. The 8×10 is framed and up on the piano, so my set is complete. Her brothers’ senior pictures — sadly a bit outdated at this point — flank hers.

I have a tradition that I’m guessing many of you share. I keep all of the school pictures inside the frames I display them in. So every year when the new one comes, I take out all of the past photos and line them up and look at how that child has grown over the years. I just did that with K’s pictures. I can’t believe she’s almost 18. It’s so cliché, but it literally does seem like just yesterday that she was the toothless first-grader grinning back at me from that year’s photo.

One of my co-workers does the same thing. I just got to see pictures of her daughter from years past as she brought this year’s new photo in for display on her desk. I’m hoping I’ll get to see her son’s pictures when that new one comes in.

It’s a universal “mom” thing, I think. And it’s a tradition I’ll miss since this year is the end of the line for school pictures in our family.

All good things must come to an end.

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