Please say yes, Ms. College Admissions Officer!

It has begun.

Last night K clicked “Submit” on the first of her college applications. It was part relief, part terrifying. Being the editor that I am, I’m always afraid some detail was missed or some T wasn’t crossed. But there comes a time when you just have to go with it. You just have to hit the send button.

She’ll be repeating the process several more times over the next few weeks. It’s stressful. Does her essay really make her come alive for the admissions officer who will read it? Will her high school resume hold up when compared to the thousands of other kids who will also be applying? And those SAT scores she worked so hard for. If only there were another 50 points to add!

We all think our kids are terrific. But their future is placed in the hands of a college admissions officer — generally a complete stranger — who will say, “Yes” or “No.”

Time to take a deep breath and move forward.

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