We’re all Newtown

“You are not alone.”
President Obama said those words last night at Newtown High School. He spoke during a moving service meant to start the healing process — a service that paid tribute to the 20 children and six adults who were innocent victims of a gunman’s rampage on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
And he’s right. We’re all with you. We all grieve for you. We want you to know how much we care. How much we wish we could help. We can’t imagine your pain. Your loss.
All over Fairfield County people are in shock. They’re heartbroken. This kind of thing shouldn’t happen here, in our own backyard. These were young, defenseless children; and brave teachers, administrators and school staff who tried to protect them.
But the President was right. The people of Newtown and the family and friends of those who were slain aren’t alone. An outpouring of sympathy has come not just from your neighbors next door, but from people across the state, the region, the nation and even the world. Candlelight vigils are being held as far away as India, and people everywhere are sending their prayers and messages of support.
No Newtown, you’re not alone. And we hope knowing that brings you some comfort as you make your way through this nightmare.

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