Carry those lost in your heart

It’s been a very tough week. Hard to hold what’s supposed to be the joy of the holiday season in your heart.

Today, moments of silence were held not just here in our corner of the earth, where the unspeakable happened a week ago today, but all over the world. There is comfort in knowing so many people are sending their love and support your way. But most of us still can’t comprehend how the families whose loved ones are now gone can get through this.

It’s my hope that we all carry a little bit of each one of those 26 souls in our hearts — their joy of life, their dreams for the future, their selflessness and most of all, their ability to love and to connect with others. That’s been a recurring theme for so many of the people lost in this senseless act — they understood how important it was to connect with others and treat them with kindness, compassion and respect.

Let’s all try to do the same.

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