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: January, 2013

One step closer to a goal

Don’t you love it when you see your kids grow? And I’m not talking height. I’m referring to watching them become adults. When they set goals, work for something and are on the cusp of realizing their

Plotting germ warfare

Germ avoidance has begun. How do you keep colds/flu from spreading like wildfire in your house? The boys were sidelined recently for several days with a terrible cold. Now K has been hit with what I
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The battle of the dishwasher

To rinse or not to rinse, that’s the question in our house. I’m talking about the dishes, of course, which would go straight from the kitchen table into the dishwasher if most of my family members had

Dreading the family transition

I am now officially the mother of three adults — at least on paper. The baby of the family turned 18 this week and when she goes off to college in the fall, the home dynamic will shift. Of course, add

Good news on the college front

Another college acceptance! K is three for three so far and we are excited. As a parent, you want your child to have good choices. Looks like she’ll have a few. Of course, I’m doing my typical

Yes, you can put yourself first!

Are you overwhelmed by your daily to-do list? Do you feel burned out? A lot of moms do, so you’re definitely not alone. We did a story about it in the January issue of HealthyLife, the women’s health