Good news on the college front

Another college acceptance!

K is three for three so far and we are excited. As a parent, you want your child to have good choices. Looks like she’ll have a few. Of course, I’m doing my typical second-guessing. Did I help her find the right schools? Did we miss any places where she should have applied?

College is such an important part of life. It was for me. It’s where I got a great education that has served me well through nearly 30 years in the journalism field. I had a wonderful experience there and really came into my own. It’s also where I met the man who has been my husband for the past 26-plus years. I guess I could say I owe my entire family to my alma mater.

I’ve always believed that the people who say the high school years are the best part of life didn’t go to college!

Now it’s going to happen for K. And I’m so excited for her!

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