Plotting germ warfare

Germ avoidance has begun.

How do you keep colds/flu from spreading like wildfire in your house?

The boys were sidelined recently for several days with a terrible cold. Now K has been hit with what I think might be the flu — horrible congestion, cough, can’t breathe, achy and running a fever.

I don’t want to get it! And I don’t want to quarantine her to her room, but it’s hard to keep those bad germs from spreading everywhere. So tonight, when I get home from work, I’ll do a quick sanitizing wipe-down of things like the TV remote, the fridge door and handle, kitchen drawer-pulls, faucet handles — those places and things touched by everyone in the house.

Then I’ll do everything I can to help K feel better. Even though she’s 18, she can still use a little mothering now and then.

When the kids were little, seems I caught their colds much more often. Lap and snuggle time, which they need a lot of when they’re sick, puts us in the danger zone of catching whatever they’ve got.

Our family is generally pretty healthy. But now that the kids are grown, self-sufficient and I don’t have to stay home from work when they’re sick, it helps me avoid catching the occasional bug they bring home.

So tonight, it will be early to bed. A good night’s sleep will keep me from getting run down and give that immune system a fighting chance.

You should do the same.

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