One step closer to a goal

Don’t you love it when you see your kids grow?
And I’m not talking height. I’m referring to watching them become adults. When they set goals, work for something and are on the cusp of realizing their dreams.
It’s an exciting week on this front for me, as G begins his student teaching. He’s been working toward this for the past couple of years and, I think, is well prepared. He’s definitely happy with his placement — half the semester in a second-grade class, the other half with fourth-graders.
It suits him. He thoroughly enjoys teaching and working with kids. He’s been doing it for a while, having spent numerous summers as a hockey camp counselor and the past two summers at a wonderful nature education camp.
I remember my first job out of college as an eager newspaper reporter. How exciting it was to be working, doing something I had trained for and wanted to do.
I hope he’s starting to feel that excitement — and the excitement of his adult life beginning. What a bright future ahead!

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