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In pursuit of a hobby


It’s high time I started pursing a hobby.

It’s rather embarrassing, actually, that I even admit to not having one. Sure, I enjoy cooking when it’s relaxing and I’m not pressured to have a clean house at the same time because company is coming over! And I do enjoy going for a hike, although my husband has to “dumb down” his outings when I accompany him because my level of fitness is not as high as his.

But in the midst of working and raising children and keeping the house operational, my hobbies have been relegated to book-reading and TV-watching, when I have the time for either. And I’m pretty sure I’m drawn to both because neither requires any real thinking on my part.

Does this mean I’m lazy?

I’m not sure, but now that my kids are nearly out of the house, I think I’m going to have more time that’s my own. So I think it’s time I found a few hobbies I can pursue on a regular basis. And I just may be starting with a cooking class that’s already on the calendar. I’ve tried knitting, but don’t seem to have the patience for it. Plus, I lose count of stitches too easily and then have to rip out and start over.

Maybe I should dust off my flute that’s been sitting untouched for years? Or work on relearning to play the piano? Maybe I should join a gym and make a date to swim or lift weights several times a week? Or sign up for a yoga class, or learn to meditate?

The options are endless. What do you recommend?

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