One step closer to the empty nest

What a strange (but awesome) feeling.

I can discard the stacks and bags of college brochures, catalogs and printouts of courses and curriculum based on majors. After hearing back from all of the schools to which she applied, our daughter — and baby of the family — has made her choice. The admission and housing deposits have been paid. She’s filled out her dorm preferences and soon will be signed up for summer orientation.

She’s already making new connections on the university’s Facebook page and is eyeing some of the activities she wants to join once there. She is excited — as she should be — to start this new, more independent chapter of her life.

I’m excited too. I think she made a wise choice and hope she’s as happy there as I think she can be. After all, it’s not your high school years (as the old saying goes) that are the best. In my opinion, it’s definitely the college years. And K is ready to make new friends and pursue the academic coursework that most interests her.

Don’t your kids grow up so fast? It seems like just the other day I was putting each of them on the bus for kindergarten. Hard to believe the youngest is about to start college.

But bring it on! This mom is ready for her new chapter as well!

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