Remember, most people are good-doers

How many terrorists do you personally know? Or murderers or thieves or rapists or other evil-doers? Those who set out specifically to harm as many innocent people as they possibly can.


That’s how many I know, and I’ll bet that’s how many you know, too.

None of us should ever forget that there are very bad people out there who aim to do evil things (we’ve certainly had ample evidence of that in some of the events of the past few months). But let’s also remember that their numbers are miniscule. That they pale in comparison to most of the world — made up of good, kind, caring people who lend a hand to friends (and strangers) when needed.

How many of those good people do you know? I’m not sure how to answer that question. Dozens? Hundreds? Pretty much everybody I know and have ever known.

I’ll bet your answer is the same.

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