Starting the pre-college purge

Anybody want a cute little gray dwarf rabbit?

Gracie has been K’s pet for about the past 6 years and, call me a bad mother, but I do not want to have to clean her cage and take care of her come late August, when K goes off to college.

So we told K she’s got to find a good home for Gracie. She was shocked.

It’s not that I dislike Gracie, but she’s not my pet. Nor do I want a pet rabbit. K has single-handedly taken care of her and because Gracie was only a few months old when K got her, she has lived practically her whole life in K’s room.

There are a lot of things in that bedroom that are going to have to be given away in preparation for college departure. Luckily, Gracie is the only living being — at least I think so, but I’m very afraid of what we will find under the bed or buried in the closet!


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