They don’t call it ‘under’wear for nothing

Sometimes I wonder if fashion will ever return to the day when showing your underwear wasn’t part of the look.

For females, that means the bra and the straps that hold it up, as well as the top of the thong that peeks out from the low-rise jeans. For males, that means the boxer shorts that the world sees way too much of (in my humble opinion). Really, sometimes I wonder why these guys even bother to wear pants at all?

Western culture continues to sexualize everything. Our kids, unfortunately, have grown up with it. It’s normal to them. I remember when K was 8 and 9 and it was nearly impossible to buy her clothes that weren’t skimpy and didn’t show skin in her midriff. The interesting thing was, she didn’t like any of the clothes out there either. She was uncomfortable putting on anything that was in any way revealing (which, at 8 or 9 years old, is the way it should be). But manufacturers still pumped out the “sexy” styles sized down for tweens.

Still today, at 18, she dresses relatively conservatively when you look at other kids her age, although I’ve lost the battle of the bra strap. And the ubiquitous skinny jeans are so tight they leave nothing to the imagination.

I keep hoping for that fashion swing (you know, how styles supposedly come back around) that takes us back to clothes that are flattering, but more modest!



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