Winning the grand prize

The excitement never stops in our house.

A college graduation (and party) in the books. Senior prom on Friday night. High school graduation next week. College orientation a week after that.

Now we find out that K is the grand-prize winner in a sweepstakes offered by a discount department store for an all-expense-paid trip to LA. She couldn’t contain her enthusiasm (which believe me, is usually buttoned up tight around the parental units).

So my husband and I checked it out today and it appears to be legit. It’s a short trip (terms say 1 day and two nights) and the main point apparently is to visit a textile recycling factory there. But it’s Los Angeles, a place K has wanted to visit.

Of course, she hasn’t really thought about the fine print. The fact that “1 day” probably means that all-expense-paid guarantee only covers said expenses for one day. Or the fact that 1 day and 2 nights in LA isn’t going to give her the time she needs for the sight-seeing she’d like to do. We did tell her that because the rules say which form has to be filed with the IRS, she’ll have to pay taxes on this gift come next April, which she seems perfectly content to do!

Right now her 18-year-old eyes are filled with stars and thoughts of the California beaches! Stay tuned…

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