Another closing chapter

Seems like the closing chapters just keep on coming.

Tonight K will go to senior prom. She’s decided to do her own hair, and has been practicing various styles over the past few days to make sure she’s happy with how it looks. And I think she was video chatting with a couple of friends up in her room last night, cascading curls and all, to get feedback on which style looked the best.

I look forward to seeing her all dressed and ready to go tonight. She’ll be stunning.

Prom has served as a nice distraction. It’s probably helped to keep her mind off of Gracie, her little gray dwarf rabbit, who died on Wednesday. Gracie’s death was very quick and very sudden and we have no idea why it happened. But she’s been K’s pet and friend for the past six years and lived a quiet and comfortable life, mostly in K’s bedroom. Maybe she sensed K’s impending departure for college?

Next week is graduation and the following week K goes for college orientation. Like it or not, my kids are taking me on ride that’s bringing dramatic changes to our family.

Just have to hang on and try to enjoy it!

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