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What’s in a curfew?


Do you stay up until the witching hour? By that I mean your teen’s curfew.

Or do you go to bed and just assume they’re coming home when you told them to?

I’ve done some of both, but am curious if there’s a normal pattern of parental behavior here. Of course it comes down to trust. So in my house, it really depends on what else might be going on. If we’re having any issues in the “trust” department, I’m more likely to be sitting in the living room to make sure my 18-year-old is following instructions; if not, I’m likely to be sound asleep before the clock chime in at the curfew hour.

Of course, maybe it’s about that element of surprise. They don’t know if you’re going to be waiting up. So they make sure to be home on time just in case.

That parental game of keeping them guessing comes in handy now and then!


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  1. Ellen Biancaniello says:

    I always wanted to stay up, but rarely had the energy! My answer: a dual alarm clock. One was set for my morning hour and the other was set for a few minutes after my teen’s curfew. Once home, she came in and turned off ‘her’ alarm – and I slept soundly on. If the alarm went off, she was late and I was wide awake to deal with whatever ensued. Worked like a charm!