A kid-free home

This past weekend marked a major milestone for my husband and me.

There are no kids in our house.

Of course, that’s happened before. When they were off at camp or sleeping over at a friend’s house. Or one of them was at college. But that always involved a return home so that most of the time, there was at least one kid still living with us.

No more. At least until Thanksgiving break, when K will come home from college for an extended weekend.

We moved her into her dorm last Friday and her classes started today. Her brothers had already moved out of the house over the summer (both are college graduates).

So for now, it’s just my husband and me. We’re already noticing the difference in small ways. “Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?” my husband asked on Sunday morning. They weren’t. “It will take us longer to fill it now,” I told him, adding it was only half full, so I hadn’t run it yet.

I’m sure there will be a whole lot more small adjustments we’ll be making over the next several weeks.


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