A case of bad timing

Like clockwork, the school calendar arrived every year in our mailbox the first week of classes. Before I would sit down and diligently go through it, transferring important events/information onto our family calendar that hangs on the fridge, I’d first thumb through it looking for pictures of my kids.

On nearly every page there was a picture or two of students in random classroom scenes, on field trips, or participating in extra-curricular activities. And there were a lot of pages, not just the actual calendar pages, but pages with information about each of the district’s schools and about the district itself.

You’d think that with three kids each spending 13 years there (when you count kindergarten) that we would have seen each of them in one of those pictures at least once. Especially when you consider the district’s small size — about 1,200 kids when my oldest started kindergarten to about 1,600-1,700 when my youngest graduated high school this past June.

Only once in all those years did one of our kids make the calendar — until this year. K apparently is in a large picture of a group of several girls, posing and smiling in their graduation gowns and caps. It’s featured on the page for June.

But I no longer have kids in the school district, so the calendar did not and will not arrive in my mailbox… C’est la vie!

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