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Navigating the teen years… and beyond

Another closing chapter

Seems like the closing chapters just keep on coming. Tonight K will go to senior prom. She’s decided to do her own hair, and has been practicing various styles over the past few days to make sure she’s happy with how it looks. And I think she was video chatting with a couple of friends […] [Read More]

Winning the grand prize

The excitement never stops in our house. A college graduation (and party) in the books. Senior prom on Friday night. High school graduation next week. College orientation a week after that. Now we find out that K is the grand-prize winner in a sweepstakes offered by a discount department store for an all-expense-paid trip to […] [Read More]

Hang on to those connections

Don’t you love it when you plan something and everything goes off great – even better than you anticipated? That’s how I’m feeling today after we threw a college graduation party for our son G this past weekend. I think the thing I liked most is that so many of his friends came. Not only […] [Read More]

Taking the kids along — or not

I’m not sure my philosophy has paid off. I was always one of those parents who didn’t believe in taking the kids with us everywhere my husband and I went. We got baby-sitters. It was just better that way, I thought. It allowed us to go places and have fun with other adults and not […] [Read More]

What day is it?

It’s Wednesday! And I don’t say that emphatically because Wednesday is any particular day of note this week – unless you count the fact that I originally thought it was Tuesday. Is it just me? Am I getting so old I can’t keep track of the days? Or is it just the fact that Monday […] [Read More]

Moving toward the empty nest

Two down, one to go! Our second graduated from college last weekend. He’s going to be a teacher, but before the school bell rings this fall he’ll get what I assume will be his last “summer” job experience — a counselor at a sleep-away environmental education camp. So although he’ll be home for a couple […] [Read More]

A breast cancer dialogue

Times sure have changed. Thirty years ago I was a new reporter on a health beat, and remember writing a story about new trends in breast reconstruction surgery. It was an evolving field and the procedure wasn’t as common as it is today — even for cancer patients. Many women who had to undergo what […] [Read More]
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A parent’s take on Angelina

No matter what you might think about Angelina Jolie, her decision to have a preventive bilateral mastectomy and then talk about that decision in a public forum should be applauded. But she’s not the first. There are more and more women making similar decisions as medicine continues to advance and as we’re better able to […] [Read More]