They don’t call it ‘under’wear for nothing

Sometimes I wonder if fashion will ever return to the day when showing your underwear wasn’t part of the look. For females, that means the bra and the straps that hold it up, as well as the top of the

Supporting your adult child?

Parenting is expensive. From diapers and formula to preschool and summer camps, travel hockey, gymnastics, clothes, shoes, computers and electronic gadgets — then on to college — families today spend

Starting the pre-college purge

Anybody want a cute little gray dwarf rabbit? Gracie has been K’s pet for about the past 6 years and, call me a bad mother, but I do not want to have to clean her cage and take care of her come late

Remember, most people are good-doers

How many terrorists do you personally know? Or murderers or thieves or rapists or other evil-doers? Those who set out specifically to harm as many innocent people as they possibly can. Zero. That’s

Fewer teens behind the wheel?

Do you worry that your kids spend too much time online? I do. Particularly our youngest, who’s 18 and never seems to shut off her laptop while she’s home unless she has her iPod with wifi in hand. I

Moving up the parent ladder

Recently my husband and I went to a birthday party for two very adorable one-year-olds. The twin daughters of our good friends, we were happy to be part of their celebration. Like so many couples

One step closer to the empty nest

What a strange (but awesome) feeling. I can discard the stacks and bags of college brochures, catalogs and printouts of courses and curriculum based on majors. After hearing back from all of the

In pursuit of a hobby

It’s high time I started pursing a hobby. It’s rather embarrassing, actually, that I even admit to not having one. Sure, I enjoy cooking when it’s relaxing and I’m not pressured to have a clean house