Show a Little Kindness

Do you sometimes have to remind yourself to be kind to your family? I do, and it’s embarrassing to admit. I wish it didn’t happen and hope I’m not the only one who admits to guilt here. Stress,

Living Mediterranean style

It’s no breaking news that a Mediterranean diet is probably one of the most healthy ways you can eat. My husband and I are trying to focus on this food philosophy, and I’m hoping we can get the kids

What to buy at the grocery store?

I thought I was a fairly decent grocery shopper. Over the last few years I’ve cut way back on the junk so many of us buy out of convenience. And when I cook dinner, I generally use fresh ingredients

Pocket call phenomenon

My kids have now entered the world of the “pocket” call. Used to be when I picked up an incoming call and heard static and muffled voices, it was my husband, whose phone — unbeknownst to him — was

One step closer to a goal

Don’t you love it when you see your kids grow? And I’m not talking height. I’m referring to watching them become adults. When they set goals, work for something and are on the cusp of realizing their

Plotting germ warfare

Germ avoidance has begun. How do you keep colds/flu from spreading like wildfire in your house? The boys were sidelined recently for several days with a terrible cold. Now K has been hit with what I

The battle of the dishwasher

To rinse or not to rinse, that’s the question in our house. I’m talking about the dishes, of course, which would go straight from the kitchen table into the dishwasher if most of my family members had

Dreading the family transition

I am now officially the mother of three adults — at least on paper. The baby of the family turned 18 this week and when she goes off to college in the fall, the home dynamic will shift. Of course, add