Recycle That! Baby Food Jars

Now that Mr. Man has added baby food to his diet (Me: Yay, he’ll finally sleep through the night!  Him: waaaaaah, I don’t think so), I’ve got quite a few empty jars piling up …well, actually I recycle the jars now, but I really want to do some project with them. I’ll probably make a few pairs of cymbals with the tops or just collect a bunch of them in a basket and let M.M. practice his fine motor skills.

On a grander scale- I’m thinking the magnetic spice rack would be really fun to make. Erin over at The Little Apartment did a great version with chalk paint tops.

Baby Food Spice Rack

Or maybe I’ll make some Blood Orange Jam (like Steph from 52 Kitchen Adventures) and use the jars to store smaller amounts … a small jar of jam like that would be a perfect little gift for a friend.

Or if I’m feeling really inspired I could try this chandelier found on CasaSugar. Cute, no?

Are you googoo for any of these ideas? Do you have any other ideas?

Alison Grieveson