Be rid of mice, but smell so nice…


Just the thought makes me decidedly uneasy, and the idea of having to get rid of them is even more difficult to swallow.

So instead of having to deal with a mouse already in your house, why not just keep him out altogether? This organic peppermint essential oil from Our Green House in Newtown may help to do just that.

Just dip cotton balls in the oil and place them along the pathways mice have traveled, or near a spot where you suspect they might enter,  and the smell may help repel them. The oil can also be diluted into a spray, if you prefer. Regardless of the method of application, though, there will be no toxic chemicals or poisons lying around your home – and it will smell minty fresh!

$12.50. Our Green House, 83 South Main Street, Newtown. (203) 270-3797.

Melinda McGarty Webb