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: September, 2012

Maple Pate Board

Can’t you just picture a crock of pate on this gorgeous Live Edge Maple Pate Board, surrounded with slices of crusty baguettes, tart Granny Smith apples and fresh figs? Or better yet, can’t you

A Surprise Bedroom Makeover

It’s my daughter’s 5th birthday today and I am so excited to re-do her bedroom for her. It will be a surprise. I am taking the day off so that when she comes home she will (hopefully, if my plans go

Making dish washing convenient and eco-friendly

Personally, I love the convenience of dishwasher pods. Pop one in the little detergent well, press the appropriate button, and voila!  Clean dishes. It’s like magic. Plus, I feel like the pre-measured

Let There Be Light

I still haven’t figured  the meaning of their name (and perhaps their isn’t one) but i am enamored with graypants‘ products none-the-less! They call themselves a conceptual design studio and luckily

Bamboo and chrome

I am a huge proponent of bamboo. In fact, even the floors in my home are stained bamboo. (Although one would never know that at first glance.) Not only can we feel good about ourselves when we opt for

Eiffel Side Chair

These recyclable polypropylene chairs have been years in the making. They were originally designed in metal and entered as a prototype in MoMA’s 1948 International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture

Cool Weather Comfort Food (Slow Cooker-Style)

I am writing this post with a sweatshirt and socks on and I am not pleased! It’s about this time of year that I start to mourn the ending of summer. Not having to wear layers, longer days and

Cleaning those damp spots

This non-toxic cleaner is a great choice for high moisture areas of the home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, showers, or even pool tiles and decking. (It’s not recommended for aluminum, though.)

What I probably love most about these Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags, (shown here in “Whale Watching Pink,”) is that they zip. I have other reusable snack bags that, while great in their own right,

Knot Your Average Material

I can’t get enough of rope as a material for jewelry, home accessories and personal accessories. And I don’t discriminate…jute, cotton, quilted, I love it all. Here are some great finds on Etsy that