Keep those veggies fresher – longer

Do you waste a lot of produce at your house? I know I do, and it’s really quite shameful.

But this little disk, the Extra Life Produce Saver, is purported to double the length of time you can store fruits and vegetables in the crisper bin of your refrigerator.

Each disk lasts up to three months. It’s said to neutralize excess ethylene gas, (the gas that helps ripen fruits and veggies.) When too much ethylene builds up in your produce bin, it can hasten the ripening, (and eventual rotting,) of produce.

So this product can help you save money and be less wasteful. It makes good financial AND ecological sense.

$6.99. Cooks Nook, 465 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk. (203) 831-8777.

Melinda McGarty Webb