Natural, biodegradable carpeting

Whether motivated by a chemical sensitivity or simply a concern for the environment, Earth Weave Carpets’ Bio-Floor line is ideal for those looking for carpets crafted of natural materials with no dyes, pesticides or stain protections.

Plus, they’re biodegradable!

Instead of the traditional synthetic polypropylene, they use hemp and cotton as the primary, (the material into which the tufting machine places the wool yarn to hold it in place.) The face fiber is 100 percent wool; and the adhesive is derived from the rubber tree. The secondary, (the back of the carpet,) is made from jute.

The carpets come in four different styles, which range in price from $255.99 for the least expensive 4 by 6-foot, to $1,195.99 for the most expensive 10 by 12-foot version. Center for Green Building, 3309 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, (203) 382-0774.

Melinda McGarty Webb