Whey cool!

A byproduct of cheese-making on your floors? Absolutely!

This PolyWhey floor finish by Vermont Natural Coatings uses natural whey protein to displace toxic components such as benzene and formaldehyde, which are traditionally found in wood finishes.

The clear coating functions as a sealer and topcoat, and can be applied to new bare wood flooring or previously stained or coated wood floors.

Not only does this product meet the most stringent VOC, (volatile organic compound,) standards in the country, but it also contains no petroleum and removes whey – a potential pollutant – from the waste stream. Whey has a high biochemical oxygen demand, which means it can pollute rivers, lakes and oceans, and increase the burden on waste treatment facilities.

The coating even dries in less than two hours.

One quart is $22.99; one gallon is $76.99; and 5 gallons is $369.99. Center for Green Building, 3309 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, (203) 382-0774. www.centerforgreenbuilding.com

Melinda McGarty Webb