The Meal That Keeps on Giving

There’s no shame in admitting I like leftovers. Could I truly call myself a recycler if I didn’t? Thanksgiving is one of those days that produces all kinds of delicious meals for days to follow. I wrote about this last year but have decided to make this post an annual occurence because one can never have a enough recipes that call for leftover green beans, no? The night before Thanksgiving I made linguine and meatballs for a my chef sister (eeks, no pressure…actually, I was chided for topping the salad I made with un-toasted slivered almonds) and her girlfriend. As I always do with pasta, I made too much. No worries. I knew that with the leftover turkey I could make Turkey Tetrazzini. Actually this year I kinda made my own version with the pasta, diced turkey, sautéed onions, celery and carrots mixture, a can of peas (I know, fresh peas would have tasted way better) and leftover green beans. I mixed them all together in a casserole dish, topped it with a Bechamel sauce and a breadcrumb/grated cheese mixture, baked it til the breadcrumbs were browned, et voila! (I don’t actually have an “After” image as it was eaten before I could get a photo).

The day after Thanksgiving came an email newsletter from Martha Stewart loaded with mouth-watering recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers. I mean who doesn’t love a chili as these days are getting colder. This Turkey Chili with a Cheesy Cornbread Topping sounds divine…

and c’mon, icecream sandwiches made with leftover pumpkin pie? How clever is that?

There’s also recipes for Cranberry Pancakes and Leftover Pocket Pies. These recipes just might encourage me to eat less on Thanksgiving day!

What are some of your favorite leftover recipes?

Alison Grieveson