Low-sudsing and fragrance-free…

This fragrance-free, plant-based laundry detergent I found at Nature’s Temptations in Ridgefield is a great choice for those looking to move away from heavily-scented, chemical-laden detergents. In fact, the ingredient list is as follows: Purified Water, Plant-Based Surfactants, Natural Soap Bark, Chamomile and Natural Plant-Based Extracts. That’s it! It contains a soy-based fabric softener they say makes it delicate enough for baby clothes and hand washables.

Its ultra-concentrated formula means you only have to use one ounce per load. Plus, the bottle is manufactured using half the plastic of a standard 100-ounce bottle, which means less environmental impact in that respect. The detergent is purported to be low-sudsing, which makes it suitable for both front loaders and high efficiency washing machines.

$10.99. Nature’s Temptations, 32 Prospect Street, Ridgefield. (203) 438-5443. www.naturestemptations.com

Melinda McGarty Webb