Create your own compost

Looking for something to do with your garden clippings and kitchen waste? Would a load of rich compost give your garden the boost it needs next spring and summer?

If so, the Sun Joe Tumbleweed 58-gallon compost tumbler from Bed Bath & Beyond may be something to consider.

At 46 inches by 33 1/2 inches by 25.6 inches,  it’s small and unobtrusive enough to tuck neatly into the corner of a small garden, courtyard, or exterior nook.

Just load the barrel and then turn it every few days. That’s all you need to do. A built-in breaker bar mixes and aerates the waste to speed its decomposition. It produces mulch in just four weeks, and compost in six weeks. That means if you started right now, you could create four loads of compost in time for late May plantings – each allowed six weeks to decompose.

The tumbler is made of 100 percent UV-protected recycled plastic with a galvanized steel frame, and carries a two-year warranty. Bed Bath & Beyond,

Melinda McGarty Webb