The Advent of the Advent Calendar

Growing up, one of my favorite traditions before Christmas was the advent calendar. We had a simple one that hung on the wall and each day my sisters and I would take turns opening up the little flap/door to see the picture underneath. The simple anticipation of counting down another day closer to Christmas was so exciting. I’ve introduced this tradition to my daughter and she’s excited for this year’s calendar which I am in the midst of creating.

I know what you’re saying…we’re already a few days into December! Luckily for me, the concept of time and months is not totally clear to my daughter yet.

The past few years I have used a little advent “calendar” that I made out of match boxes for my daughter but it was too small and frankly, not very cute. So I thought it was time for something different. I did a quick search on Pinterest and found so many fun, creative ideas that a thought flitted through my mind: perhaps each year I could make a new, different advent calendar. Right, like I have time to do that!

The ladies over at Eighteen 25 featured this calendar that I thought was very cute. I’m going to make my trees taller and my numbers smaller, but otherwise this is what I’m attempting this year. I’m going to line my mantle with them so they will double as holiday decor also. So under each tree I’ll place a little something or a note with a sweet sentiment or a little treat like “We’ll make hot chocolate with marshmallows this afternoon,” or “Let’s go to the park.” Won’t that be fun?

Here are my tools. Poster board, my home-made compass to draw half-circles, tape to keep the trees together, newsprint and decorative paper (made in the USA) to decorate my trees.

I am determined to finish these this week so next week I’ll show you how it turned out. Wish me luck!

Alison Grieveson