The Advent Calendar is Done! (mostly)

Last week I promised you that I would have the advent calendar project done and I am happy (and perhaps a wee bit surprised) to announce that I finished it…mostly. As you can see from the photo, some of the “trees” are missing their number necklaces. All in all, it was a fun project. Here’s what all 24 trees look like adorning my mantle…so, my husband grumbles every time he wants to watch tv and finds that the remote won’t work since a few trees are covering the tv’s remote signal thingy (that’s a technical term… and I know you know what I mean).

I had bought some decorative paper for the trees, but decided to stick with a simple monochromatic look; silver and white with just a pop of red in the ribbon. I left a few white, topped a few with white glitter (can you see a bit of sparkle on #2?), painted a few with silver stripes and solid silver.

So basically every morning my daughter lifts that day’s tree to find a little goody underneath. Here is this morning’s goody. I drew a picture for my daughter to color in. Other treasures include little stickers, a small funky paintbrush set and little notes like “We will make hot chocolate today with marshmallows” or “let’s go to the park.” It’s fun coming up with the little treasures.

I included my actual christmas tree in the first picture so you can see how it all goes together. I love my fake, white tree that is pre-strung with white lights. It looks so lovely when I plug ‘er in and the best part is that it was free (curbside score!) The only thing it needs is a skirt for the stand. I want to create something different..hello Pinterest!

Alison Grieveson