Get rid of those germs – naturally

Germs are EVERYWHERE – particularly at this time of year – and we all need to be cautious. Just this weekend, I began seeing signs of conjunctivitis in one of my eyes. It has now spread to both. (Hooray for me.) Being that no one I know has it, it stands to reason that I picked up the bacteria or virus at one of the many stores, schools or public institutions I visited last week.

If only I had the foresight to sanitize my hands after each and every stop, I may not be in this predicament.

One natural way to do that is with this gentle, alcohol-free hand foaming sanitizer from CleanWell, which I found at Nature’s Temptations in Ridgefield. It contains no harsh chemicals, yet it kills germs; is never tested on animals; and has a lovely, fresh scent. Being that it dispenses as a foam, the manufacturer says you will get four times the usage per ounce than an alcohol gel. Ingredients include thyme oil, (a natural antimicrobial,) and aloe vera, (an emollient and skin conditioner.)

$6.59, Nature’s Temptations, 32 Prospect Street, Ridgefield. (203) 438-5443

Melinda McGarty Webb