Christmas 2012 In Pictures

Well, I have to be honest, this wasn’t one of my greenest Christmases to date. Gifts consisted of leftover gifts from her birthday for my daughter (she was given so many gifts that I kept some for Christmas) and now that I think about it, any toys my son got from Santa were also saved from his birthday. I also bought each of them some clothes from a children’s outlet store…so I saved some duckets there. Gifts for my niece and nephews were purchased from a small, quality toy store so yay for me for buying local.

Here are some images that give you a flavor for my Christmas experience. (I keep capitalizing Christmas but I’m not quite sure if I should…hmm).

I wish I could say that there is something green about this metal reindeer…alas, I cannot. I found her on clearance at Marshalls.

This home-made snow globe I made with my daughter a few years ago. She still loves it.

My little man just had to wear his new hat and mittens…he couldn’t understand why he was having such a hard time picking up his truck. Silly man.

This god-awful holiday headband was made by a friend who insisted I wear it all day at work. My daughter actually likes it…but she can rock a hand band like no other!

This is a project my son made at school. Those are fresh cranberries so sadly it won’t make it to Christmas 2013.

I have a big ol’ tub of fabric in my basement of remnants from old projects or pieces I bought but never did anything with. In it I found some red burlap and decided to make a fabric chain with my daughter. What made it super easy was that we closed the loops with a stapler.

I left the edges rough – I love the way it looks.

I love the way it turned out!

Another shot of my advent calendar “trees.”

A vintage ornament I love.

Happy New Year All!

Alison Grieveson