Correcting Santa’s Mistake

Soooo…as it turns out, Santa did not get my daughter what she really wanted. Remember last week I mentioned that most of her gifts were from her birthday party? I had also gotten her a bunch of clothes so in order not to have too many gifts, I didn’t get my daughter extra gifts or, what as I found  out, she really wanted. In my defense, when I asked her what was on her list, she never had a solid answer. As it turns out, what she really wanted was a Belle from Beauty and the Beast dress-up dress. I found this out when a friend asked her what her favorite thing she got from Santa was and she didn’t have anything to say. I felt like a terrible parent! She then said,  ”I didn’t get what I really wanted,” which was the aforementioned dress. So I scrambled over to our local consignment store to see their selection of dress-up gear only to find they had put them away in storage. Next up…Ebay. I found the perfect dress. I had the option to buy something cheaper from Hong Kong that was new but chose one that was used (although frankly the style of the used one was a nicer too) from an owner in Pennsylvania. It arrived today. I wrapped it and decided to wedge it up in the chimney and pretend that we totally missed that box that must have gotten stuck. Clever, right? (Thankfully she can’t really read yet so she won’t notice that it is wrapped in old wedding paper that I kept from our wedding.)

Here’s how it went down:

Upon opening the box she exclaimed, “I did get what I wanted!” Yes!

My little lady tries on her new dress. Perfect.

Of course, little bro had to try it on too!


Alison Grieveson