A vintage vibe

We go through a lot of straws in my house. My two daughters and I drink a smoothie just about every weekday morning, so three straws a day adds up pretty quickly. I was starting to feel guilty about the amount of plastic I was throwing in the garbage. Many straws are either #2 or #5 plastic, (both of which are recyclable in some areas,) but I have yet to see a straw package that lists the particular type of plastic used. It would take a phone call to the manufacturer, (which I apparently have been too lazy to make – don’t judge,) to determine whether they can be recycled in our town.

But walking through Home Goods in New Milford the other day, I saw these adorable pink and white striped paper straws with a vintage vibe. Being that they’re made of paper, they’re biodegradable. I have to admit I was a little unsure, and wondered whether they were durable enough to withstand a big veggie-laden morning drink, but they didn’t fall apart at all. They didn’t even get soggy. Plus, at 7.75 inches long, they’re big enough for even my largest glasses.

Plus, they’re so darn cute. They make me want to drink a malted milk – at a lunch counter in the ‘50s. (Not that I was alive in that decade – or the one after it – but  I have a distinct idea about how that would feel.)

The manufacturer’s website, (www.thesugardiva.com,) lists a number of ideas about  how to use and accessorize these straws. For example, threading the straw through two holes punched in a triangular piece of paper can create a unique name flag. Yes, I wrote “flag” – as in a name tag in the shape of a flag.
$9.99 for a box of 135, Home Goods, 169 Danbury Road, Building E, New Milford. (860) 210-9642. www.homegoods.com

Melinda McGarty Webb