2013’s To Do List

No big woop. Just gonna accomplish a number of things this year and writing them down helps me keep on track. Here’s what I’ve come up with…in no particular order (I reserve the right to add to or adapt this list at any time):

Create a creative space. Our small 1940s colonial came with a “furnished” basement…creepy bar, faux wood sheet-rock and everything! This is what it normally looks like. The next photo is what it looked like last week when I finally organized and eked out a little space for myself. Stay tuned for it’s next transformation when we paint the walls and change the floor.

Learn to play the ukulele: Or at least attempt it. This idea started when I heard a recent local NPR show that was all about the ukulele. One line a guest said that hooked me was that it was a fairly simple instrument to learn but it was a gateway to other instruments. I like the thought of that. On Monday I received a copy of our town’s adult education classes booklet. Guess what? They are offering ukulele lessons! And guess who just signed up? How sweet is this hand-made ukulele?

Cook dinner…most nights. This one has been harder than I thought it would be. Most nights I don’t get home from work til 6 so unless I have planned ahead, dinner usually consists of quickie meals like pasta, baked chicken nuggets or some organic frozen pizza with a side of some sort of chopped veggies. Planning is the key word here. I need to sit down and come up with some easy, delicious meals the kids will like too. Cookbook recommendations welcome!

Get crafty: I have found the few times this year when I have had to actually make something for some reason that I have really enjoyed the process and think to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often?” Then I remember that I don’t have a space dedicated to being creative…a space I don’t have to set up and take down every time. See item number 1. Yay! So I haven’t decided what to start with. I happen to have a bunch of used plastic white spoons so I’m thinking I might start with this beautiful “laurel” wreath!

Make a headboard: Our simple modern bed frame is great but our bed is up against a large wall and is just dying for a statement headboard. I have a vision of creating one with recycled billboard. I have a friend who has an industrial sewing machine so this is could really happen! I’ve written about this before, but I’m feeling confident it can get done this year.

Work on my memory: This one cracks me up because I thought of it then I forgot about it for a while but I knew there was something else I wanted to add to my list. A recent story I heard on NPR got me thinking that I could improve my brain that seemingly turned to jello once I had kids.

Get Out: I am a home body at heart but I am always up for trying new things and going on an adventure so this year I want to take the family and explore more…to see all our lovely state of Connecticut has to offer.

I am proud of this list which is do-able!

Alison Grieveson