Ooh, spicy lady!

I love the sassy little faces on these “Spicy Lady” spice dishes from Caron Designs in Sherman. Artist Lisa Caron Hickey fires glass bottles in a kiln and hand paints women’s faces on the back of each dish, so their impertinent little pouts show through the inside of each piece. According to her website, each piece takes an average of seven hours to fire and seven hours to cool, although times vary according to glass size and thickness.

The results are almost too cute to cover up with salt, or whatever other spice you choose to keep handy next to the range. Each dish comes wrapped in plastic, with an accompanying tube of sea salt. These ladies could also be put to work serving olives as part of a crudite, though, or drink garnishes at the bar.

$12. Caron Designs, (860) 350-2397. www.carondesigns.com

Melinda McGarty Webb