The Dinner Thing

Ugh – every week I say the same thing over again…and my husband’s eye roll when I mention the subject of getting on a plan to make dinner, is a testament to how often I say I’m determined to make this happen.

The thing is it seems so simple and do-able. Find some recipes that are delicious, healthy, quick, while also appealing a little to the kidlets, give my husband a shopping list, et voila. The problem is me. I guess I’m looking for that one perfect website or cookbook that will have the best recipes for us to try. I don’t have the time to spend hunting around from one website to another to collect recipes. I’ve tried coming up with a list of recipes that we all like but I’m so bored with Chicken Pot Pie, Nacos (nacho tacos) and whatever else is on my list. Every Friday night we do Indian take-out (and my oh-so picky toddler surprisingly likes Chicken Tikka Masala), Saturday night is a crap shoot and Sunday night is soup night so I’m really not talking about a lot of days here!

I recently read Karen LeBillon’s book, French Kids Eat Everything and found myself wishing she had a cookbook…my dreams may come true as I hear that is next on her agenda. Until then, I created a board on Pinterest called “Easy Dinners” with recipes that inspire me to action.

Zucchini pizzas

Zucchini pizzas

Easy Vegetarian Pad Thai

Easy Pad Thai

Turkey breasts with pears and spinach (this one might need to be modified a bit for the kids)

Do you have any easy, healthy, family-friendly meals to share? I’m all ears!

Alison Grieveson