Putting those flip flop scraps to good use

We go through a lot of flip flops in this country. They’re so inexpensive that many people consider them almost disposable. But did you ever wonder what happens to all the scraps remaining after their production?

Often, they end up in landfills. But Bitters Co., a Washington state-based company dedicated to the use of sustainable and recycled materials, found a way to take those scraps and use them to create items that are funky and functional.

Among them are these boxes – ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, they would be appropriate for toys, towels, shoes by the front door, supplies by the pool, or virtually anything you’d like to stash away. The sandal scraps are cut into smaller pieces, which are then wired together by hand. So far, their efforts have saved thousands of pounds of scrap material from being dumped in landfills in the Philippines.

$48. Ayindisa, 18 Prospect Street, Ridgefield. (203) 894-1115. www.ayindisa.com

Melinda McGarty Webb