Not Too Shabby

Shabby chic has never been a style I have loved – way too much frouf for my liking. That is, until I started working for my current employer who has impeccable design sense and who likes a toned down version of shabby chic – which I can get behind. I found this Etsy store (with reasonable prices to boot!) that has great examples of that style.

Is this sideboard not lovely? I think I’ll send the link to my boss. Perhaps she can find a spot in her house or at her company for this beauty.

I did a post a few months back on how beautiful stencils are these days… but I think it’s the fact that the pattern here is comprised of nothing but circles that makes this shabby chic kitchen table A-OK in my book.

You had me at blood orange! I’m in love with this piece and racking my brain for where in my house this dresser would fit. Think, think, think!

Alison Grieveson

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