Looking for a little green?

Are you hankering for a little green after this long, cold winter? 

Why not bring a little taste of the outdoors into your indoor spaces? With this 12-pocket vertical garden planter from Green Up in Stamford, you can do just that.

Made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles recycled to create thick plastic felt, each pocket is 10 inches wide by six inches deep, and fits a four to six-inch potted plant. Mounted to a plastic panel equipped with mounting tabs, the planter should be easy to hang on the wall. 

For even greater impact, group a few planters together, or create a wall of plants, as depicted in the photo above. How fresh and soothing, huh? It would be wise to also buy the root wrappers and soaking hose that are sold separately.

$118. Green Up, 82 Myrtle Avenue, Stamford. (203) 595-5099. www.greenupstore.com

Melinda McGarty Webb