Instead of disposable, try “Vacuum Infuser”

Are you out the door each morning with your car keys in one hand, and a reusable mug in the other? (We don’t even want to consider the possibility that you’re stopping to buy your morning pick-me-up in a…dare I say it…DISPOSABLE cup.)

Well, if you’re as ecologically conscious as I think you are and you’re the kind of person who appreciates quality coffee or tea, this Vacuum Infuser Mug from REI might be right up your alley. All you do is drop your tea leaves or fresh coffee grounds inside the cylinder at the top and pour in hot water. (Loose leaf tea often retains more essential oils than conventional bagged tea and is purported to be more flavorful and less bitter.)

The drink steeps inside, and the removable stainless-steel screen filters leaves or grounds as you drink. It holds 15 fluid ounces and is said to keep hot drinks warm for up to six hours, and cold ones cool for 10. Rubber on the base prevents slipping.

$24. REI, 189 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, (203) 838-1938.

Melinda McGarty Webb