Moss tile

Ever considered tiling a wall of your home in low-maintenance moss? Maybe it’s time you did.

Paprika, chili or cassis-colored moss, or an installment using all three – who knew such a thing was even an option?! Now that I know, I feel like I have to find a spot for it – somewhere.

MOSStile, intended for indoor use, is made of an ecologic resin base imbedded with natural moss. It contains no toxic substances, and the only maintenance required is an occasional misting, if necessary. Above right is a close-up of one tile, and below left is an installment of multiple tiles. Talk about making your home unique…

Each tile is 11.7 inches square and weights 3.5 pounds. They’re available in the colors of cassis, chili, cumino, green pepper, liquirizia, menta, (which looks like moss green,) paprika, red pepper, vanilla and wasabi. So let your imagination run wild!

$175 per tile, or $160 each for quantities of more than 40 of one color. Green Up, 82 Myrtle Avenue, Stamford. (203) 595-5099.

Melinda McGarty Webb