Green Toes

It is finally warming up here in New England and that means it’s time for my annual online pilgrimage to find amazing colors and shoes to showcase my little piggies! A few weekends ago a girlfriend was in town so my friend and I took her out (she really needed girl time) and I treated them to pedicures. How great is this photo? I just noticed how we each got flip-flops that are the complementary color to our toe nails! OK, only a design geek would notice that but…

On a green note, I always bring my own flip flops with me when I get a pedicure so I don’t get these disposable ones but these plans were spur of the moment…and I kept my pair in the car for the next impromptu pedicure day!

So, needless to say, my little green-nailed toes are ready for their close-up…in other words, bring on the sandals!

Love these gold-ish vegan open-back wedges by CL by Laundry Date Night I found on Alternative Outfitters for only $48!

The perfect complement to those sandals? Kaia House Organics in Lille.



Oh, Olsen Haus…you always get me with your cute little sandals…you had me at ankle strap then you went and added beaded stripes! They’re available on Compassion Couture, a cruelty-free and eco-friendly boutique, for $160.

Priti Nails NYC in their new sherbet colors look good enough to eat!

If you’ve never seen their line of oh-so-cute recycleable plastic shoes, check out Melissa’s website. They always have fun, creative styles. I have my eye on these Optical Sandals in beige. Get ‘em on for $70.

Zoya nail polish is this lovely gold-ish color called Piaf (Edith?) would be my pick.


Also on Alternative Outfitters are these adorable yellow flat sandals (and they’re on sale for $19 so hurry!). I love yellow and would pair these with a lot!

Scotch naturals nail polish in this fun teal color would look great with the yellow, no?

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