Let’s Review, Shall We?

This week I thought I’d follow up on a few recent posts.

Remember my escapades into the world of granola with this post and this in my efforts to make a good granola bar? Well folks, I finally did it and I have to say, they were pretty good. Fourth time’s a charm! I found the recipe in my latest favorite cookbook (I say this as if I am such a foodie and collect cook books) that I mentioned a few weeks agoThe Sprouted Kitchen. The cookbook calls them granola protein bars because you add vanilla protein powder to the mixture. They tasted good but I think I might skip the powder next time because I tasted a slight after taste.

I’m in love with the terrariums I created for my kids’ school. I made three all together and had fun doing it…when I did it right. The first time I made them I was in a bit of a rush and the potting soil I used was dry. I knew I had to moisten (hate that word) the soil and that I should use a sprayer but since I didn’t have one I did something I knew wouldn’t work but tried it anyway. I placed the rocks at the bottom of the jars, added the soil and then poured water over the soil. I ended up with water pooling around the stones which down the road would have been slimy rocks. The second time I made it, I placed the rocks at the bottom and added some moss and soil from my yard and I have to say, they have thrived. A note about the little people inside. Don’t do what I did and buy them at the art store. These are tiny plastic people used for architectural models and five in a packet will cost you $20! I tried in vain to find an online resource for these at a better price but no luck. Hey, at least I supported a local art store.

Last weekend we went to an amazing outdoor/agricultural school called Common Ground to see their chicken, new chicks and other animals. I was so proud of my little nugget for wanting to hold a chicken – no fear!


Alison Grieveson