Fly away, birds!

WS logoBirds and other animals are the bane of virtually any gardener, and I’m no exception. That’s why I’ve been looking for some type of netting to place over raspberry and blackberry bushes I recently planted. I figured we spend such a ridiculous amount of money each week on organic berries, I might as well try my hand at growing some myself. (At the moment, they’re still essentially sticks with a few sprouts on them, but they will eventually bear fruit and undoubtedly attract a plethora of pesky critters.) 18563318651050p

After all, there’s never a shortage of unwelcome wildlife at our house. Last year, for example, deer actually killed two of the six new apple trees I planted. They broke off the branches and peeled off the bark. I didn’t even know deer did that! When we first moved into our house almost 11 years ago, I would gaze fondly out the window at the herds of deer who would roam our property, and rejoice every time a new fawn would join the group. Now, when they venture near my gardens, I scream and yell and throw things, (NEAR them, not AT them.) They, of course, are not the slightest bit scared of me.

So when I came across these Gardman fruit cages at Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, I thought they’d be perfect for protecting berry bushes or any other type of plant that attracts both birds and other animals. They’re made from 0.6-inch painted tubular steel with push-fit plastic joints for easy assembly. (I like that.) Tough woven black mesh keeps the animals from tasting the fruits of your labors before you have a chance.

The cage pictured is the smaller version, and it measures 3 feet 3 inches by 3 feet 9 inches wide by 3 feet 9 inches high. It costs $26.99. There’s also a larger version that should fit two plants for $44.99. Bed Bath & Beyond, 1-800-GO BEYOND,

Melinda McGarty Webb