Now We’re Cooking!

Woot woot! The new countertop is in and it looks so much better than it used to (although I don’t think that’s saying much). Here are some sneak-peeks. I’m not showing you the whole kitchen because the backsplash is not done yet – that’s coming next.

We went with an HD laminate because while we really wanted a green solid surface counter top, it didn’t make sense to spend that much money when we weren’t changing out the old (read non-closing) cabinets. They look fine but the budget wasn’t there to replace them. So we went through a HUGE selection of laminates. At first I was convinced I was going to go with a dark gray color but then I realized that the light color of the old counter top was helping to keep the room bright…plus I thought the dark counter would look too match-matchy with the floor. I do not like to color coordinate too perfectly. Boring. Overall we are really happy with the look. My only gripe at this point is the black line around the edges. Really? They haven’t figured out a way to match that line with the color of the counter so that the counter doesn’t scream “LAMINATE!” Companies have all kinds of HD faux stones looks but the application, it seems, is still old school. I’m thinking I might get paint to cover up those lines. Would that be sketchy-looking?


Stay tuned as I will feature the kitchen when its finally – complete with before and afters!

Also, we are in the midst of changing out our upstairs bathroom too. New vanity has been purchased and constructed. We have the new tile going down on the floor tomorrow. So much excitement! I love it.

Alison at Refurnished Living


Alison Grieveson